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If Graffiti Changed Anything…

From unurth



ROA – White Walls

By Colin M Day

Street artist ROA got his start by painting intriguing murals of animals in hidden places – underneath bridges and on walls that strayed from the beaten path. A darling of the underground street art scene, photos of his work regularly appear on Vandalog, Brooklyn Street Art, Wooster Collective, Unurth, and a fury of London newspapers and blogs running to his defense when a street piece he did in Hackney faced removal late last year. ROA is earnestly repopulating the cityscape with animals, as a way to have them re-enter the contemporary landscape that was once theirs. With a style all his own.

EVOL, Nuart, Norway

From unurth

Images by Kalevkevad

‘ello Vicka!

Elderly Globule

Via National Geographic

Seen in a recent picture from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, the globular cluster M5 is revealing a few young stragglers among its elderly population of stars.

Most of the stars in this cluster of millions—one of the oldest globular clusters in the Milky Way—formed more than 12 billion years ago. But this composite picture shows several young-looking blue stars in the mix.

Astronomers think the youngsters were born during stellar collisions or are older stars that maintain the appearance of youth via the transfer of mass between binary pairs.

Image courtesy ESA/NASA

From the Accursed Share Vol. 3

Nietzsche’s cry recalls the cry we would need to give out, with all our strength, in dreaming, and which we know in our terror emits no sound. It is nonetheless a cry of joy: it is the cry of happy subjectivity, which the world of objects will no longer deceive, and which will be reduced to NOTHING. Within an apparent despair, it gives rise to a burst of malice (this is the wisdom to which we can aspire). Nietzsche joined the intelligible to the sensible in himself and there is nothing that he gave as the purpose of his thought, unless it be sovereign moments that give humanity countenance. No cause, no commitment issue from an empty generosity, with which no expectation is connected. But Nietzsche is on the side of those who give, and his thought cannot be isolated from the movement that tried to promote a resumption of life in the moment, in opposition to the bourgeoisie, which accumulates.

Georges Bataille, The Accursed Share Vol. 3, p. 370-371

Georges Bataille Literature and Evil

Infinite Value by Ra Cailum

Velo, by Doublenaut

A new art print from Doublenaut, for the Poster Cabaret Bicycle Print Show. The show is a month long exhibit in May (national bike month) featuring over 60 art prints inspired by the bicycle. At Gallery Black Lagoon, in Austin.