La Campana House

Via ArchDaily, by Nico Saieh:

Architects: Alejandro Dumay Claro, Francisco Vergara Arthur
Location: Ocoa, V Región, Chile
Contractor: Guillermo Delgado
Site Area: 10,000 sqm
Project Area: 185 sqm / 75 sqm terrace = 222 sqm
Design Year: 2008
Construction Year: 2009
Photographs: Mauricio Fuentes

The house is located in a rural central valley of Chile, in an area of 10,000 sqm. with a striking visual presence of the Coast mountain and the Cerro La Campana.

The assignment is to solve a housing that allows a strong link between indoor and outdoor spaces, including compounds that integrate the entire family and friends as much as possible, and a special concern for energy efficiency project. 
The proposal to divide the public program audience (living, dining and kitchen) of the bedrooms, with a covered patio incorporating articulator access, circulation outside and barbecue.

Read the rest, here.


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