2 or 3 Things I know About Her

—What is language, Mummy?
—Language is the house man lives in. (See Heidegger, Language is the House of Being)

Together is a word I like. Together means thousands of people, perhaps a whole city. No one knows what the city of the future will be like. Part of the wealth of meaning it once had will undoubtedly be lost. Undoubtedly. Maybe. The creative and formative roles of the city will be taken over by other forms of communication. Maybe…television and radio…Vocabulary and syntax, consciously and deliberately…(No lunch yet and it’s three. Navy-blue Shetland sweaters.)…A new language is needed (I got up at eight o’clock. I have hazel eyes.)

Where is the Beginning? And what beginning? God created heaven and earth. But one should be able to put it better. To say that the limits of language, of my language are those of the world, of my world, and that in speaking, I limit the world, I end it. And when mysterious, logical death abolished these limits, there will be no question, no answer, just vagueness. But if things come into focus again, this can only be through the rebirth of conscience. Everything follows from this.

What is art? Form becomes style: but the style is the man, therefore art is the humanizing of forms…

Why all these signs which make me doubt language by drowning reality rather than detaching it from the imaginary?

In images, anything goes: the best and the worst. Before my eyes, common sense repairs the break in my reasoning. Objects exist, and if we pay them more attention than we do people, it is because they exist more than those people.

Dead objects live on. Living people are often dead already.

Thought meshes with reality or calls it in question. Calls it in question.

Yes, cities are constructions in space. The mobile elements of a city? (I don’t know) The inhabitants… Yes, the mobile elements are as important as the fixed ones.

Is poetry formative, or simply decorative? Everything that decorates life is formative.

Jean-Luc Godard, 2 or 3 Things I know About Her, 1967


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