Infinite Thematics, Abstract

The objective of architecture is to synthesize a meaning sourced in spatial and material relationships. Architecture is not a projected synthesis of narrative metaphors. An architectural synthesis will expand possibilities of experience, of events, within an intentionally designed space. These will be found, read, and expanded upon through the materials that compose the work. To read a space, either a built one, or one drawn, is to place oneself within that space, and to imagine the profound potentials of cognitive expansion within. Barthes defined the semantics of expansions as existing in Thematics:

To thematize is, on the one hand, to leave the dictionary behind, to follow certain synonymic chains, to yield to an expanding nomination, and, on the other, to return to these various substantive stations in order to create some constant form. Only an infinite thematics, open to endless nomination, can respect the enduring character of language, the production of reading, and no longer the list of its products.


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