Art615 Pavilion

From ArchDaily, by Sebastian J:

A group of students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Aalborg University, Denmark, finished a Digital Design Miniproject. Originally Art615 is meant as an art pavilion for a crime-related park in Aalborg, Denmark. The concept mainly focused on drawing attention from the unsafe park, and ensuring the feeling of a safer environment for the visitors

“We wanted to work with the inside and outside of Art615 and also make a spatial connection between these two spaces. By perforating the shell, the scales are able take advantage of the displayed light on the inside and at the same time create a visual and audible connection between the two spaces.”

Art615 is the result of seven 4th semester students’ experiments and researches in linking CNC fabrication techniques, digital parametric sketching and dynamic light control.

Student Design/Management/Installation Team/Layout/Design and Component Production:
Bachelor Stud. Senad Gvozden
Bachelor Stud. Bjarke Mejnertsen
Bachelor Stud. Kenneth Rytter
Bachelor Stud. Bjarke Apollo
Bachelor Stud. Jacob Hilmer
Bachelor Stud. Dennis Jensen

For more information, click here.

Read the process details—if you find that stuff interesting—rhino, cnc, etc., here.


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